About Us

Gremillion Family Farms

     Gremillion Family Farms is a family operated flower farm that strives to provide the highest quality, freshest blooms possible. We offer seasonable and many unique flowers that are fresh straight from our flower farm to you.  Our locally grown flowers are fragrant and hand-picked ones that are grown on our 8 acre farm in central Louisiana.

     At Gremillion Family Farms we believe in growing sustainably and responsibly using organic gardening practices that nourish and add health to our soil. One of the ways we accomplish this is by using locally sourced natural fertilizers. In addition, we cultivate many Louisiana native plants and flowers for our cut flower farm. Native floriculture makes a wonderful sustainable addition to our flower farm. Gremillion Family Farms continually strives to create a habitat for all pollinators and wildlife therefore enabling a natural balance. 

Why Our Fresh Flowers

     Our fresh flowers come straight from our farm and are never without water, therefore, part of their lifespan was not used up during shipping. Currently 80% of cut flowers used in floral arrangements in the U.S. are flown in from South America and Central America to Miami, then flown and hauled to wholesalers who then truck them to various florists. Once florist receive these flowers they are at least a week into their lifespan with a good portion of this time being shipped dry with no water. This is why a lot of times they typically only last a few days once you receive them. Many times these flowers are sprayed with chemicals that the U.S. has banned but other countries have not banned. Flowers shipped from other countries are often sprayed with chemicals in the field and also sprayed again with preservative chemicals to try and increase longevity during shipping. In addition to this there are instances where more chemicals are sprayed in attempt to pass customs.

     Fresh flowers from our local flower farm are free of these harmful chemicals, are longer lasting, and consist of many unique varieties that do not ship well.