Growing Amaryllis Flowers Made Easy

Amaryllis Flowers are prized for their willingness to produce huge, glorious flowers indoors during the utter depths of winter. Being largely carefree makes them a fabulous gift for anyone on your list. Plus, they are easy to save and rebloom from year to year.

Your amaryllis potted plant has come complete with everything you need to grow and keep your amaryllis blooming. Your bulb has already been planted in professional potting mix in its pot. To bring your Amaryllis into bloom put the pot in a bright warm spot. Amaryllises are happiest in 70-80F temperatures. If your home is cool, you can just set the pot near a warm appliance or by a sunny window or warmer room. It can take a few weeks before the bulb begins to grow. Don’t worry! Be patient, keep it warm and don’t overwater. Once a stem emerges, give your Amaryllis lots of bright light or sunshine. You may need to rotate the pot ¼ turn daily if the tall stalk begins to lean toward the sunlight.

IMPORTANT: Water ONLY when the top inch of soil is dry. Watering too often —especially until the stem is 3-4” tall — can cause the bulb to rot.

Once your amaryllis begins to bloom or if it is already blooming, you may move the pot out of the warm spot and place it anywhere in your house to enjoy and this will help the flowers last longer. As each bloom fades, snip it off close to the stalk to encourage more blooms — and even more stems to emerge. When there are no more buds on a stem, cut off the entire stalk about 2” above the bulb. Don’t cut off any leaves as they produce the food needed to be stored in the bulb for it to bloom the following season.

Amaryllis bulbs can produce 3-5 stalks over its bloom cycle and each stalk can have 3-6 flowers on it. Sometimes it sends up more than one at a time and sometimes it sends up one after the other.

How to save the bulb to rebloom next year:

Once your Amaryllis has finished its complete bloom cycle place it in your sunniest window and continue to water when the top inch of soil is dry and begin fertilizing every month with any water-soluble fertilizer. In early spring, set the pot outside or you may plant the bulb in the ground in full to part sun for the rest of the summer. Amaryllis bulbs can be planted directly in the ground in Zones 8-10. Plant the bulb with the neck of the bulb at or slightly above the soil level. The goal now is to encourage it to grow big, strong leaves, which creates a big, healthy bulb. The bigger the bulb, the more flowers it will produce next cycle.

To Force Your Amaryllis to Bloom Early For the Holidays:

In August you can dig up your bulb, cut off all the foliage just above the bulb, and put it in a cool (50-60F) dark place for 8-10 weeks. DO NOT WATER AT ALL DURING THIS TIME. Amaryllises must go through a dormant period to develop flower buds inside the bulb. After 8-10 weeks, bring it out and follow the advice above. Amaryllises bloom best when they’re pot bound, so there’s no need to pot them up every year. Enjoy!

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